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  For ISDN Replacement, MagePro Studios Recommends…

Uncompressed and synchronized with multiple users. Won’t leave you reliant on a specific browser, hardware, or expensive ISDN line. All you need is a digital audio source and a broadband connection. 

  • High Quality Audio
  • Low Latency
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Patented Technology

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  • IP streaming using Chrome web browser for radio interviews, remote broadcasts, TV contributions, voice over, newscasts and sports commentary.
  • Connect to multiple locations. Mix and record the audio in ipDTL’s virtual mixer.

Antivirus Protection

 Printing in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment

Power Protection

  • MagePro protects all our equipment with APC products!
    • Take care of your delicate equipment from power surges/spikes, brownouts or power outages, APC has provided the best and quickest response time to power fluctuations and noise transmitted through power lines.  Make sure that any UPS you get has a pure sine wave (not stepped).

For Voice Over and VO Business Training with a Mentor-type attitude, MagePro Studios Recommends…

VOHeroes - The Voice Over Answer