MagePro Studios


Just Another Audio Production House?

There are dozens of Audio Production Houses out there located near you are now. So what makes MagePro Studios different? Specialization. Why specialize? Very simply put, we know what we are good at and what others do better. We are more interested in seeing the client gets what they need. We know we are not always going to be the best solution. But we are keenly aware when we are the best choice for your production. Specialization makes it easier for everyone.

What we are…

Labels like Audio Production House covers a huge amount of ground. Our specializations allow for a slightly different label of Fun House. We are specialized in Voice Acting Audio Productions for Single and Full Cast Audios or Radio Dramas. This includes laying down the Foley work and compete Sound Design. Cleaning and repairing audio files when nobody else can, is our forte’.

Our Forte’


Our voice actors love to focus on audiobook production from book markups, to engineering, to recording, to directing, to editing, to final mastering. Commercials, promos, full cast audios or dramas all fit into their areas of expertise. Even character, animation and video games are no strangers to this group. We are building a staff of talented individuals for Production and Voice Over Talent for all areas of Voice Acting. So, we can always cover a large amount of your needs


Our engineers not only have extensive technical experience, but practical experience in directing and even producing. Knowing the process from start to finish product, our professional staff can bring your imagination that much closer to reality. Our studios and gear can bring you a complete audio production from script planning to the Foley work to the final mastered gem you dreamed of.

Professional studio connectivity allows us to gain talent from around the world. ConnectionOpen is a our preferred way to gain studio quality for professionals who need no delay in their recordings. The audio is clearly the focus of their efforts that now includes video. Yes, we can connect through ipDTL, SourceConnect and other means, but ConnectionOpen has not only become our favorite, but the best choice for unlocking our future.


Advanced tools, training and experience allow us to recover audio that was marred by train sounds and air horns as well as perfect takes that were thought lost to to a jet flying overhead. Even old recordings from cassette tapes have been recovered for clients.

Rescuing audio from “the cutting room floor,” is a favorite of ours. Even recovering audio (or preserved) is especially exciting. We thrive on challenges! We can even help promote your audio productions. Contact us through email, social media or phone, so you can set up an appointment today! We can’t wait to hear about your project and how we can help make it a success. See our Studios here.

There are also plans to add more engineers to the mix as well as adding more studios. We intend on making your imagination become a reality.

What we are not…

We are not a place to learn piano or take voice lessons in singing. We are not a place for performing music either for a band or vocalist or rapper.