MagePro Studios


Just Another Audio Production House?

There are dozens of Audio Production Houses out there located in or near the area that you are in now. So what makes MagePro Studios different? Specialization. Why specialize? Very simply put, we know what we are good at and what others do better. We are more interested in seeing that the client gets what they need and we know when we are going to be the best solution. Specialization makes it easier for everyone.

What we are… We are specialized in Voice Acting Audio Productions for Single and Full Cast Audios or Radio Dramas. This includes laying down the Foley work and compete Sound Design.

We love to focus on audiobook production from book markups, to engineering, to recording, to directing, to editing, to final mastering. We’ve recovered audio that was marred by train sounds and air horns as well as perfect takes that were thought lost to to a jet flying overhead. Even old recordings from cassette tapes have been recovered for clients.

Rescuing audio files from the cutting room floor for video and film production (as well as regular audio that needs to be cleaned up or preserved) is a favorite of ours. We can even help promote your audio production. By contacting us through email, social media or phone, you can set up an appointment to discuss the needs for your project. See our Studios here. We are building a staff of talented individuals for Production and Voice Over Talent for all areas.

What we are not… we are not a place to learn piano or take voice lessons in singing. We are not a place for performing music either for a band or vocalist or rapper.