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Thomas Machin - Voice Actor

My name is Thomas Machin, I’m a full time professional Voice Actor from the Indianapolis market.

Rather than putting up a long bio of the things I’ve done over the years, I’ll let my reviewers say how they feel…

Tom is one of most versatile voice actors that’s come on the scene in the past 2 years. Where has he been?

– Gabriel Hennesy, Producer

Machin surprised me with his vocal skills. I have a lot of narrators that I admire, and he could easily hit their ranks. He provided each character a unique and distinctive voice, and added in the proper inflections when hinting at the humor that was on the page. I really enjoyed his work and will keep an eye out for him in the future.

– Ray Johnson (Audible)

Thomas makes sure that not only does each character have their own unique voice, but their own unique speech pattern. Will definitely keep my eye out for more work by him in the future.


The guy is fantastic. Some narrators can do ‘voices’ and some can’t. Of course there are some who think they can when they can’t and no one has been nice enough to tell them that they can’t, but let’s not talk about those. Thomas Machin CAN do voice. He totally brings every single character to life.

– (Yet another) AMAZON CUSTOMER (Audible)

Thomas Machin is a delightful narrator with a variety of cartoony and serious voices.

– C. T. Phipps (Audible)


Commercial Demo
Commercial Demo – Humorous
Character Demo
Video Game Demo

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Compulsion (Null & Void) by Ryan and Nancy Vandermark

Compulsion (Null & Void) by Ryan & Nancy Vandermark

Forced into an undercover life of piracy on a secret mission for the Fleet, the misfit crew of the Void Hopper find themselves struggling to maintain their honor and survive. There may be more at stake here than the riches of the Axium Galaxy. If one thing can be said about the void of space, it is extremely vast with lots of places to hide.


Being a full time professional Voice Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, Marketing “Guy”, Engineer, Sound Designer, Editor and all around Role Player fills many of the shoes for many areas that I love. Do I do them all well? Surprisingly, I can compete!

Thomas Machin - Voice Actor

Frankly my dear…

I’ve never been able to do things half-hearted. My Father told me, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” This is much like Yoda’s quote, “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try.” So, I tend to go into something with a great amount of enthusiasm and determination to do it right and exceed expectations. That’s what life is about.

Armed with a bachelors degree in Radio/Television and Advertising and a Masters in Electrical Engineering Technologies, he went forth to be a production manager and techie touting the honor to be one of the first in the state to be certified in the operation of the CMX video editing system.

That’s the reason I formed MagePro, MagePro Studios, MagePro Entertainment and MagePro Productions. Not only for me, but for those who share my goals of bringing the Imagination of others (and myself) to Reality!