MagePro Studios

How Much Can I Expect to Pay?


 Voice Over Rates

(All Rates negotiable and good until March 2019)

Audio Book Narration Rates are by Royalty, Per Finished Hour or Hybrid
  • Royalty Rate:  50% flat  (Must show Author successful sales rate)
  • Hybrid Rate:   50% Plus $   165 PFH
  • Per Finished Hour:  Starting at $ 255 PFH

Discounted rates available for novel series!



Session Fee: $ 450

  • This session fee is paid for recognizable voicing of five lines or more in a Theatrical Film, MOW, TV Series or Pilot.
  • Residuals are paid based on each airing either Network, Syndication, Cable or Foreign and Video or Multimedia release. These residuals are activated using the same formula as On-Camera performers.
  • The voice performer is placed on the CAST LIST.


Feature Film and Television Animation

Session Fee (Feature Film):  $ 390

  • Includes Feature Film, Series, Netflix, Direct to DVD, Web, Corporate, etc.
  • Up to Three Voices in a single program or segments of programs over ten minutes in length.
  • If more than Three Voices, there is an additional charge of $ 105 per Voice per Session.
  • Residuals are based on the Producers optioned payment schedules and are negotiable.


New Media – Interactive

Day Performer Rate: $ 375

  • This is an off-camera rate and paid for any single Interactive Platform performance (video game for example) of up to Three Voices during a Four Hour Day.
  • Add $ 135 for each additional voice. The Day Performer RATE for 1 Voice / 1 Hour is $ 205.
  • Voices used on any On-Line or Network Platform or used as a ‘LIFT’ to another program, add the original Rate ($ 375) in each case if the rights are acquired within one year of initial release and +10% the original Rate ($ 412.5) after such period.


Corporate/Educational and Non-Broadcast

  • Narration (First hour in recording session – Cat 2 $225):  $ 200
  • Narration (Each additional 30 minutes):  $  60
  • Off & On-Camera Narrator/Spokesperson (1st Day) (Cat 2 $ 530):  $ 500
  • Narrator Spokesperson (Each additional day) (Cat 2 $305):  $ 250



  • Made for Internet Session and Use – Up to 8 Weeks:  $ 380
  • Made for Internet Session and Use – One Year:  $ 900
  • MOVED over Internet Session and Use – Up to 8 Weeks:  $ 445
  • MOVED over Internet Session and Use – One Year:  $1,075


Radio Commercials

Session Fee:  $ 150

  • Per spot recorded
  • The same amount (or more) is paid for each 13-week renewal Cycle while in USE.


Audio Production Rates

Audio Book Narration MASTERING Rates

Depending upon how the audio is presented will determine the cost.  (If it’s discovered that there are issues with the files, we will contact the client before continuing to work).

  • If the audio is properly broken down into chapters into separate files, properly edited and checked for accuracy.  – $ 70/PFH
  • If the audio lacks any of the above, it will be incur additional charges.
    • Chapter Separation. – +$ 5/PFH
    • Chapter Editing.  – +$ 35/PFH
    • Audio Clean up (background noise, mouth clicks, etc.). – +$  80/PFH