How Much Can I Expect to Pay?



(All Rates negotiable and good until March 2019)

Audio Book Narration Rates are by Royalty, Per Finished Hour or Hybrid
  • Royalty Rate:  50% flat  (Must show Author successful sales rate)
  • Hybrid Rate:   50% Plus $   165 PFH
  • Per Finished Hour:  Starting at $ 255 PFH

Discounted rates available for novel series!



Session Fee: $ 450

  • This session fee is paid for recognizable voicing of five lines or more in a Theatrical Film, MOW, TV Series or Pilot.
  • Residuals are paid based on each airing either Network, Syndication, Cable or Foreign and Video or Multimedia release. These residuals are activated using the same formula as On-Camera performers.
  • The voice performer is placed on the CAST LIST.


Feature Film and Television Animation

Session Fee (Feature Film):  $ 390

  • Includes Feature Film, Series, Netflix, Direct to DVD, Web, Corporate, etc.
  • Up to Three Voices in a single program or segments of programs over ten minutes in length.
  • If more than Three Voices, there is an additional charge of $ 105 per Voice per Session.
  • Residuals are based on the Producers optioned payment schedules and are negotiable.


New Media – Interactive

Day Performer Rate: $ 375

  • This is an off-camera rate and paid for any single Interactive Platform performance (video game for example) of up to Three Voices during a Four Hour Day.
  • Add $ 135 for each additional voice. The Day Performer RATE for 1 Voice / 1 Hour is $ 205.
  • Voices used on any On-Line or Network Platform or used as a ‘LIFT’ to another program, add the original Rate ($ 375) in each case if the rights are acquired within one year of initial release and +10% the original Rate ($ 412.5) after such period.


Corporate/Educational and Non-Broadcast

  • Narration (First hour in recording session – Cat 2 $225):  $ 200
  • Narration (Each additional 30 minutes):  $  60
  • Off & On-Camera Narrator/Spokesperson (1st Day) (Cat 2 $ 530):  $ 500
  • Narrator Spokesperson (Each additional day) (Cat 2 $305):  $ 250



  • Made for Internet Session and Use – Up to 8 Weeks:  $ 380
  • Made for Internet Session and Use – One Year:  $ 900
  • MOVED over Internet Session and Use – Up to 8 Weeks:  $ 445
  • MOVED over Internet Session and Use – One Year:  $1,075


Radio Commercials

Session Fee:  $ 150

  • Per spot recorded
  • The same amount (or more) is paid for each 13-week renewal Cycle while in USE.